Friday, April 10, 2009

This thing called "blog"

I'm new to the world of blogging. I made this to chronicle my experiences and hopefully meet the Cookie Monster. Well, that and I guess help somebody out.

You see.... my Jellys kept asking me to make a blog. I didn't think anybody would want'another' blog, I mean why would they? there's like gazillions of them, why me?

But you see, she has this special power and she knows how to use it. So... what is this special power? her "cuteness!!!!" I become putty when she uses her 'cuteness,' I am weak and rendered powerless, but she's also smart. She tells me that by making a blog I might be able to help somebody in a similar situation... yeah, yeah, yeah... but can they help me get to Sesame Street?

Never say never.....

You know how people always tell you "never say never?" well... I used to always say "NEVER." But that was 2 years ago.

I used to make fun of those internet geeks that had "no life" and spent all day long online. Worst yet, I teased them for having online relationships. I called them "losers" for not having a "real" relationship, with a "real" person.

I used to be extremely adamant in not having a long distance relationship. Wouldn't even cross my mind.

I would rather have my eyes picked out with a toothpick than to leave the greatest city in the world Los Angeles. Let alone move to a different country (a cold one at that).

I used to always say:

"I'll NEVER have an online relationship"
"I'll NEVER have a long distance relationship"
"I'll NEVER leave Los Angeles."

Well...... here I am today, practicing my "ey."